Tuesday, June 12

So long sweet summer

I may have neglected this blog this summer but I surely am not abandoning it. That said, here's a quick rundown of what went down last summer.

First stop: Batangas
The weekend after I went to Singapore, my mudraks invited me to come with them (the steppudraks and Evette) to Batangas for a wedding. The wedding wasn't memorable but Malarayat Gold and Country Club was awesome. Too bad I don't have the pictures with me here in my laptop but here's a memory:
Le sister and I trying to order some midnight snack. Too bad the chef's already gone home. (Huhu, my BB)
Next stop: Subic
Yeah, like there's something new about me being in Subic. But this summer's Holy Week in Subic was awesome because I got to spend it with my cousins.
Logos Hope -- a ship full of books, where we decide to indulge in ice cream
White Rock Beach Resort -- Artificial waves, more fun than real ones
Third stop: Cavite
For some reason I have been in constant search of some solitude and cleansing of the soul since the start of the year. Finally got the chance to have some this summer with the BLD Community in Cavite. It was a weekend of realization, repentance, and healing. I met new people, learned more about my religion, and let go and let God. Too bad I don't think I have pictures.

Fourth: Boracay
I was finally able to check this island off my bucketlist. It was random and I'm broke because of it but all's well that ends well. We tried a handful of water activities (flyfish, zorb, and parasailing), swam to take loads of pictures, and drank like we own the place. Unnecessary circumstances, bullshit, lost havs, and my big tummy aside, I had a great first time.
No more calamansi muffins for us but we're still happy bananas.
Moments before I realized I'm allergic to sea water. That, or the water's just too dirty.
Touchdown Boracay!
Yay for underwater cameras!

Final Destination: Potipot
And just before I entered law school, I went to Potipot, Zambales with my sorority sisters for some awesome bonding experience. It was the perfect chill icing to my awesome summer cupcake.
Welcome, sisters!
Off to the island!
Stop looking at my big arms.
2010s for Pink Team!
Something I missed: Anawangin
Too bad though, I was not able to come with my crazy high school barkada to their spontaneous island trip to Anawangin, Zambales. Oh the odds of growing up (aka work responsibilities).
I miss these crazy ladies so terribly much.
So that was my awesome summer, despite all the other thorny things last few months. Next stop, law school!

Disclaimer: Pictures aren't mine! Grabbed them from random friends' accounts on Facebook. All credits go to them!

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